Our Story

Montage Fotos specialises in a unique, fresh approach to school photography.  School students are captured in studio and outdoor settings, preschool children are pictured in their natural surrounds, while daycare children are photographed in a stylish modern studio setting showing their individual character during learning fun and play.

The Montage Fotos team are dynamic photographic gurus with over 30 years experience honing their craft.  

Their strengths shine in creating a fun, relaxed and animated environment for children at childcare centres, preschools and schools - resulting in the perfect combination of photos for cherished family albums.  Montage Fotos is entirely self-sufficient, from the creative shoots and graphic design through to printing and packaging, everything is performed on site at their office in Gunnedah.

The team at Montage Fotos are mobile and ready to travel to your location.  Their schedule sees them travelling throughout the greater part of NSW from the east coast of Coffs Harbour to Dubbo, Orange and Bathurst in the south and everywhere in between.

New schools booked in 2020 will receive 10% of all packages purchased.


What Makes Us Different

What makes us different from other school photographers?

We are best known for our variety of different looks which makes up our Montage Package. We don't take one photo against a background, so all the children look the same, we set up areas in the playground and allow the children to be themselves naturally.

No two centres or schools are exactly the same, we use these differences to create school photos that are unique and individual. 

We believe all children have their own special qualities and like to encourage them to be active and curious during their photo sessions.


Why did my child smile for you?

This is a question frequently asked by our grateful parents when they've received their beautiful photos. 

The short answer is - if we're having fun then they will too.

We bring high energy, singing, dancing bubbles, role play, lots of laughter and fun to each photo session. With a little bit of encouragement they can't help but join in and have fun with us.