Planning your day. Preschool/Childcare/ Early Learning Ctr

When we arrive at your Centre:

* Collect all order envelopes.

* Set up our locations for the day in your yard/verandah/room.  We prefer to photograph children in their playground.

* Photograph children as indicated on each order envelope. (Please note: Only children with an order envelope will be photographed.) 

 * Photograph  Classes as discussed with your school.

 * Photograph siblings/friends as indicated on order envelopes.

* Photograph all staff individually and/or as a group.

What we ask of your Centre:

* Suitable location for us to work in.

* A staff member to be with us for the duration of photo day.

* While we are working with the children in your yard we ask that all other children remain inside. 

What your Centre receives:

* When we return childrens photo orders to you, your box will contain:

   - A letter outlining what is in the box.

   - Envelopes for parents who required change.

   - Envelopes for parents of children who were absent.  

   - All childrens orders individually labeled and packaged.  

   - Staff photographs

   - Enlargements of each class photographed.

Planning your school photo day with us.

On each day we will:

* Photograph all students (studio/outside) as indicated on each order envelope.

* Photograph all Classes, Teams, and Groups as indicated by your school.

* Photograph siblings/friends as indicated on order envelopes.

Your school will receive:

* A portfolio containing an enlargement of each sporting team/group and class's photographed.

* A high resolution disc containing an image of every student photographed, together with a digital image of all groups and classes for use in your school magazine.

*A beautifully framed Year 6 englargement or whole school (for smaller schools) to display in your school.

* Each class receives an additional class image for display in their class.

* An image of all staff photographed as a group and/or individually as desired by school.

* Each school captain /prefect will receive a FREE 6x8 enlargement of themselves wearing your school's blazer as a gift from Montage Fotos.

* A copy of our Working with Childrens Checks.

What we ask of your school:

* We like to utilise what is in your playground where possible.

* Supply us an indoor space suitable for us to set up a studio. eg: Library or Hall

* An outdoor space close to the studio for all our Montage outside photos.

* A suitably responsible runner/staff member who can work will us and fulfill your obligation of Duty of Care for the students.